Friday 20 January 2012


Hello and welcome 'google siters' to our blog! We look forward to your comments and questions!


  1. How do you make an welcome box showing up when the page loads? (in Google Sites)
    How do you make a WORKING comment box for Google users? (such as this one here)

  2. When you say welcome box, do you mean like a pop up or would something like this suit your needs?

    At the moment there is no comments sytem for google sites, I say a little prayer for one every night though! If you add it to the suggestions page on the forum perhaps someone will take note and if everyone +1's it then you never know google might actually listen to us :)

    Anymore questions feel free to ask.

    Also check out and and while you are here x

  3. Wow! Your journey seemes very exiting, I am here after scrolling too long. I am a SEO person I found very logical and less heard talks here, thanks!