Friday 20 January 2012

Horizontal Menus and Horizontal Drop Down Menus - look like a pro withthe horizontal menu and drop down sub pages

Here we go!

Ok, To Add Horizontal Menu....

Go to more actions > manage site > site layout

Click on "change site layout" button > tick "horizontal navigation"

Go back to site layout (if you can't find it go to more actions > manage site > site layout)

Click on edit content underneath the horizontal navigation title

You then need to add your pages into the menu. Just click on "add page", pick your pages to upload to the menu, you can only add one page at a time, be patient, it is a labour of love but well worth the effect!

Add Pages To A Drop Down Menu

If you want some pages to appear in a dropdown menu when the user moves their mouse over the top level page this is how to do it......

Click on add page, click on the page you would like to add, then move the page into position by using the up or down arrows so it's underneath the desired top level page

Click on the right arrow, you will see the page name that was bold is now not bold and it's indented to the right.

Repeat the process until you have uploaded all your pages. You can click on the left arrow to remove a page from the drop down menu.

Click ok and then remember to click on save changes before you return to the site to inspect your handy work!

Here are a few examples for you:

Drop down menu in action -
Drop down menu and sidebar navigation working hand in hand

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  1. And how do you change the black background of the horizontal menu? I already tried colors and fonts.