Guide for beginners

Create your site

 1) Create a google account If you already have a google account skip to step two

2) Using your google account details log into google sites

2) Click Create site button.

3) Enter your site name eg My Website and the a URL you would like eg mysite2012 (this is where "My Site" will be located on the internet)

TIP! You can not change the urlof your site once it has been created so spend a little time getting it right,

TIP! When you choose your url it doesn't really matter what you call your site if you are going to have a custom domain later on ....

ISSUES! Often people report that they get an error "the location is already in use" this will be because the name has already been used before.

3) Tick the "site contains adult content" if it does

TIP! Make sure you do, if it does or your site might get disabled.

4) Decide and select sharing options.... eg Everyone in the world.... or Only people with the link etc

5) Choose a theme

TIP! Don't panic, themes can be changed later or customised

6) Prove you are human by entering the letters/characters in the verification box then click the create site button

TIP! create a page by clicking the create page button which is a black square with a plus sign over it in the top right area of the web page, name the page and choose which type of page you want it to be eg a web page or an announcements page
TIP! JARGON BUSTER .... What you use to edit your site is called the "site editor" or "UI" aka "User Interface"

Click the Create Page button at the top of the page and you're done! If you require any assistance just shout!


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