Friday 20 January 2012

Get A Favicon (... and what is one?) - it is a finishing touche that will make your site stand out

Here's a quick easy and fun walk through for you .... a favicon means favourites icon, when you look at my website address in the top address bar of your browser you will see my logo a little orange crown on a white background, that is my favicon.

Ok firstly generate your favicon using a generator such as

Once generated save the favicon to your desktop, do not change the default file name of favicon.ico

Then log into your google site, click on More Actions > Manage Site > Attachments > Click on upload > Browse > Select your favicon file from your desktop.

You might wonder what now, but that is really all you have to do!

It might take a while to refresh > sit back and marvel at your favicon when it eventually appears, I was really chuffed when I did mine, it really does look like you made it in the internet world!

Any probs let me know.

B x

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