Wednesday 8 August 2012

Copy Your Google Site Created in Google Apps For Teams

Here is a tutorial on how to copy your Google Apps For Teams Site as this will be closing on 4th September 2012. for more information on this closure check out the official Google Apps For Teams Administration Help Page.

If you want to keep the Google Sites you have created in your Google Apps for Teams account you will need to copy your site to another Google Account by 15th October 2012. Your Google Site name will need to change too.

Tip! You need to have another google account ready to copy your site to.

Log into your apps for teams site and navigate to the site you would like to copy > click More > Click on the blue button Sharing and Permissions > fill out the Add people field with the email address of your new Google Account > select 'Is Owner' from the drop down menu > then Share and Save.

Ok, now sign in to your Google Site with the account you shared the site with > click More > click manage site from the drop down menu > scroll down slowly and click on the Copy This site button

Enter a name for your site eg. mysite2012 > fill out the code at the bottom of the page > click on the red copy button > then be patient whilst your site copies. It may take some time depending on the site size, your connection to the internet etc

And you're done!

Tip! If you are using a custom domain you must remove it from your site if you want to map it to your new site.

If you need anymore help contact me or remember to visit the official help pages from Google Apps for Teams Adminstrator Help.

B x


  1. Hi Becky,

    I'm a little confused by the process here; and I Just want to make sure i understand.

    We have a google site called Walter. I am the super admin for the google apps system (verified domain, etc). Everyone is logging in using account and password.

    Do i have to make a new account to copy the site to? Or should i be making a new account?

    When I copy the site, can i rename it to the original name so there isn't much change?

    I'm having a hard time grasping how this change is going to affect us, and worried about loss of data / access.
    What difference will users see when they try to access the site? (Currently they go to:

    Do we need to make this copy, and then immediately transition all users to using a different URL (ie ?

    Thanks for taking the time to help - please let me know if i'm unclear. I'm relatively new to google apps and this was setup prior to my starting support for this nonprofit.


    1. Hi Cal

      Are you using google apps or google apps for teams?


    2. To be honest with you, i dont know. I know at least one member of the staff got an email saying that our google apps for teams site needed to be copied over.

    3. Ok. Then personally I would sign up for google apps ..... there is a very small yearly cost but by the sounds of it you have quite a few users
      So you will benefit .... Then move all your users over to that and copy your google site over to it too.

    4. I was wondering about that. Can we keep our google site without signing up for google apps? or are we now forced to do that with the dissemblance of google apps for teams?

    5. yes you can keep your google site if you copy it, and no you do not have to sign up to apps, it sounded like you had a lot of users so thought it might have been an idea, so you can create a personal google account and copy your site to there, then when your users have personal accounts too you can share the site with them, i hope this helps.

  2. It was very interesting to learn about these additional features the Google applications. I really like that. Thank you for the advice.

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