Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Add a facebook like button - it is easy!

Go on, go the whole hog and insert a facebook like button by generating one on this site - it is really easy!

TIP! you need to uncheck the send button

TIP! you need to add http:// to the beginning of your url

When you have generated the code click on iframe

Copy the code and insert it on your google site

Insert > more gadgets > search for iframe > paste the code in and customise the width and height. 

TIP! The width and height are written in the code so easy for you to find!

Let me know how you get on. see the like button working here

B x


  1. Hi Becky
    Thanks for the helpful tips - way more useful than anything Google are doing themselves.
    I've tried in vain to do this and have still had no joy when following your instructions.
    I just get a Firefox (or Explorer) Error message in the box.
    I notice that you make no reference to "Step 2 - Get Open Graph Tags" - is that deliberate and maybe part of my problem. Any help would be fantastic as I am trying to help out a couple of friends with building vsites and both need this kind of stuff.

    1. Hi SimonA! Sorry for the late reply. A few things ... I don't use the get open graph tags ... what is the url of the site you are trying to add the gadget to?


  2. Facebook disabled iframe. What do we do now?

  3. 1) Where is send button? I can't find it on my site.
    2) "Generate the code in the iframe" I can't find any code nor an iframe?
    3) I can't insert code I can't find.

    Please advise and thanks very much.

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