Sunday 24 March 2013

Media Player Problems (With Google Sites)

If you need a hand with your media player woes .... you need Mori!

Media Player Help - With Google Sites

Here is his site ... take a peek

Post your working media player site pages to the comments of this post so we can see your working versions! :)

Beckystar x

Help! My Site Has Been Disabled!

Hello Everyone,

I know it is frustrating fro you ... take a breath ...

disabled google site

If you site has been disabled and you GENUINELY have not violated the terms, simply click on the appeak form and fill it out, it takes seconds.

However, what follows then does not take seconds, it can take a while for your site to be reenabled.

If you have violated the terms .... sorry .... but tough luck.

Here is more info about diabled sites from my fellow TC Phil

If you have had your google site disabled and it has not been reenabled contact me direct with your website / google site address.

Bye for now :)

Beckystar x