Friday 20 January 2012

Get a Free Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy or other legal documents for your website!

So I came across this gem of a company whilst surfing the information highway.
You can download and customise their legal documents and then add them to your website, getting you covered in minutes completely FREE!
It will make also make your site look pro too!
Make sure you leave the link in to their site on your document, that is all you have to do! No registering etc so super quick! Enjoy! say ! "Welcome to Website Law, a website dedicated to helping web developers and webmasters ensure that their sites comply with the varied and ever-changing requirements of English law. Although it is relatively simple to create and publish a website, the legal consequences of those simple acts can be complex - and potentially expensive. A myriad of different UK and EU laws intrude upon website design, domain name choice, website content, sales from websites, and indeed every other aspect of ecommerce and online activity."

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