Saturday 21 January 2012


Evening all,

If you have any items you would like me to cover in my blog let me know by commenting below ;))


  1. Hello!
    I have a google site- yes it's under construction, because i have a problem. What can I do,that my home page image( background) to remain when you enter the site, but on my other pages do not appear the image.
    Pls pls pls help me what to do
    Thx a lot

    1. Hello Bea

      What is your google site address so I can take a look then I will let you know.


  2. How to design a google site like a pro? Hoping to know how they managed to design a Google Site like here:

    It looks easy but doing it with the limitations in Google Sites is hard.

  3. Pah, it's easy, just say what you want to do and I will do my best to help you. B x

  4. Pah, it's easy done, just say what you would like to do and I will help you wherever I can (although I am sometimes a little slow to get to everyone).

  5. how I do a under construction page witch shows just an image at center, with a black background, I cant find my selft on the template stuff, how can I drag and drop all the shit I want arround?

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