Sunday 26 February 2012

Change your contents background colour


Google Sites does not offer customisation to the content colour background of individual pages on your site, so, here is a quirky work around for you...

Go to your chosen page, ready for it's makeover! Click in the content area > Click on edit > html > copy and paste the code below into the html, make sure it's the very first line > remember to save your changes!

<div style="background-color:#C0C0C0; padding:3px;">

For a range of colours look at the wicked wiki link below ... be sure to use the hex codes ... Simply replace my chosen colour's digits C0C0C0 with your six digit hex code, make sure you leave the # and the rest of the code in tact.

Please do comment in here a link to the pages you have made over with this trick! I look forward to seeing them!

Enjoy x

New Feature Alert! Feedback on tap!


Please find here a way to report your issues.... straight to google! It's like a direct call through the bat phone. Don't expect a response though, it's simply a data gathering tool.

So if a lot of sites users are having the same issue it gets escalated to the sites techy team quicker, faster fixes, less stressed users!

Ok, so navigate to More > Report An Issue.

Fill out the form and submit! ...and you're done.

Enjoy x

New Feature Alert! Help on tap.

Happy Sunday!

Ok new hot off the press feature for you ... Are you stuck and need some help with your google site? Well you can now buzz straight over to the help forum whilst working on your site. There you will find all kinds of helpful souls from users or top contributors (like me!)

Navigate to:

More > Google Sites Help Forum

And you have arrived!

Enjoy x

Saturday 18 February 2012

How to create a form for use in google sites

Contact forms are so important! And it is simple to integrate them with your google site.

Get that client engaging with you whilst they are on the page! Don't loose sales ...
Get a discussion going! Be interactive.
Get a guest book! Memories for a special occasion

1) Is use google docs - create a form and insert it on your page. All the responses are recorded in excel so it is easy to monitor data, get a notification when someone fills in the form by email and here is how to do it. Here is a form in action ....

2) Is use wufoo, my favourite .... here is one of their forms in action, and you auto get an email notification.

3) Is ...very cool, here is an example, it even publishes your responses in a pretty excellent way too ... and here is how to do it

Any problems just shout, you know where I am.


B x

Saturday 4 February 2012

Reminder - Set up your Google Site for mobile phone viewing

Although this feature has been out for a while I thought I would remind you, if you have not yet done so to  "switch on" mobile viewing for your google site.

It's really easy to do.

Click on more actions > manage >general > scroll down until you see the "automatically adjust site to mobile phones" check box, tick the box by clicking on it > remember to save your changes

Now reach for your moby and take a peek how your site looks! I think sites with the horizontal navigation look best on a smart or android phone.

I have seen sites that look better as desktop mode, but it all depends on your site.....

Let me know how you get on.

B :)

Friday 3 February 2012

A word about giving view permissions

When giving view permissions I have some advice for you before you go ahead.

Each user would need a google account.

They don't need a gmail email just a google account.

Therefore you could create a google account using your aol email for example.

Any easier option would be to consider making the site "only available to those with a link" instead.

Click on share > click on the drop down menu > select only those with the link.

Don't forget to save your changes.

B x