Sunday, 24 March 2013

Media Player Problems (With Google Sites)

If you need a hand with your media player woes .... you need Mori!

Media Player Help - With Google Sites

Here is his site ... take a peek

Post your working media player site pages to the comments of this post so we can see your working versions! :)

Beckystar x


  1. You can look for on the internet and discover application which does this for you. But be cautious when installing because a lot of them are fairly dreadful and will just not perform, or even more intense, will set up malware and other harmful application on there. They can ruin your pc, Windows media player, or both, so be really cautious when doing that.

  2. I always have problems with this player! Thanks a lot to the author for this manual! You can also find interesting about google player on this website.

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