Sunday, 26 February 2012

Change your contents background colour


Google Sites does not offer customisation to the content colour background of individual pages on your site, so, here is a quirky work around for you...

Go to your chosen page, ready for it's makeover! Click in the content area > Click on edit > html > copy and paste the code below into the html, make sure it's the very first line > remember to save your changes!

<div style="background-color:#C0C0C0; padding:3px;">

For a range of colours look at the wicked wiki link below ... be sure to use the hex codes ... Simply replace my chosen colour's digits C0C0C0 with your six digit hex code, make sure you leave the # and the rest of the code in tact.

Please do comment in here a link to the pages you have made over with this trick! I look forward to seeing them!

Enjoy x


  1. Sorry I dont see any code.. can you help ?

    Ruben Rubio

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  2. well fancy me not giving you the code .... I have amended the post above for you. B x

  3. Got the code, got the color change and the padding size, but I can't place text normally on top of it - it just starts in the middle of the content area ...


    Thanks so much!

  4. Can u paste all the code here out of ure html box when in edit mode?

    Edit > place cursor in area > html > ctrl+A (selects all) > ctrll+ C (copy) > then navigate my blog comments > ctrl+ V (paste)

    B x

  5. Hey Becky It's the Jungle Pit Sanctuary, We can't thank you enough for everything I love the code for background colors, I tried it in our Sponsor page check it out that was so much FUN!!!!!

  6. Hello Lovely! Please to hear it is going well for you and if you have any features you need let me know and maybe I will blog about it;)

  7. Any thoughts on adding a page background image

  8. Yes, i'll write a tutorial on it for you :)

  9. Thanks Becky - worked a treat. Just need to figure out how to change the colour in the last remain elements of the template...

  10. it changes the text background not the screen background

  11. Worked great for me on a Google Apps site. My site has a black background. When I added the the Comments function, which entails using a Spreadsheet and Spreadsheet form, I ended up with black text on black background. I didn't find an easy way to change the text color, so looked for a way to change the background. Yours worked great. To see it, look at the bottom of:

    Tim Isbell

  12. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I'm as design-stupid as you can be and this code saved me. I have to design a website for this research project and this is great. Thanks!

  13. Thank you so much! This was an awesome find! I used it to colour pages that were in an Archived Policies section for a non-profit intranet. I initially tried to make an "Archive Page" page template with the background colour div, but it put colour background after every
    so ended up with lots of repeating code. So instead I copy-pasted the code into the HTML section like you advised. Would have been nice if Google Sites let you style it all with a page template, but your solution still worked a treat.

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  15. Wow, that was really unexpected. I've never thought that Vodafone could be in UK. I've heard that's Ukrainian company.

  16. Hi,

    I want to change the whole page to a different background colour, not just individual boxes. Is there anyway for me to do this?

    Many Thanks

  17. I have long enjoyed this opportunity from google. I really like the fact that you can now personalize the page with the help of colors.

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