Saturday 18 February 2012

How to create a form for use in google sites

Contact forms are so important! And it is simple to integrate them with your google site.

Get that client engaging with you whilst they are on the page! Don't loose sales ...
Get a discussion going! Be interactive.
Get a guest book! Memories for a special occasion

1) Is use google docs - create a form and insert it on your page. All the responses are recorded in excel so it is easy to monitor data, get a notification when someone fills in the form by email and here is how to do it. Here is a form in action ....

2) Is use wufoo, my favourite .... here is one of their forms in action, and you auto get an email notification.

3) Is ...very cool, here is an example, it even publishes your responses in a pretty excellent way too ... and here is how to do it

Any problems just shout, you know where I am.


B x


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  2. really interesting tips, and thanks a lot for giving us examples, this is really helping me out with creating google forms. I am looking forward to finding more goodies here :)

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