Thursday 8 March 2012

New Feature Alert! HTML Box Gadget

Howdy peeps,

Good news! You can now insert html using google sites new HTML, CSS, Java Script gadget.

Please bear in mind however that some scripts will not work, as I discovered this morning when I unsuccessfully added a twitter gadget (which is mainly js).... this apparently due to the code being tidied up by google's sweeping brush, however lets hope in time more complex code will be allowed ....

Even with this little hold back the tool is certainly handy and this is how you use it ....

Navigate to your chosen page > click on edit > where you would the html box to be > click on insert > select the html gadget from the list > add your chosen html and save

Screenshot of html gadget box containing code

Here is the result ...

Enjoy! B x


  1. Thanks Beckystar for trying New and Fresh gadgets that have java scripts. I try to go on help forum. But it's so out dated even google on youtube,I hope to be able to make some learning videos for google sites but still need to learn more but google sites help is so out dated that I don't know how to do some things still. Also I have be trying to insert a html to play invisible background music (where it plays for everyone who gets on the website. The problem I'm facing that the code will only work for and you have to sign up for that. Not everyone has an account with playlist, so it don't work, only for me!!! Maybe there's a way google can make like (google music invisible background music. I have learned so much doing this site. I'm now building other google sites for others pro bono and promoting google. I LOVE google docs, docs live, and forms...
    Again Thanks

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