Thursday, 31 January 2013

Map Your Google Site To Your Custom Domain Name

Hello everyone,

Congratulations on creating your google site! Now you are ready to mask it if you so choose to, to a domain name you have purchased. 

For example, you would like your to appear when people visit

You can find out how to do this through the google sites help centre documentation however these instructions are not as easy to follow as 's comprehensive guide.

If you need help I can just do it for you! I can provide you with a service for a small fee, you add me as an owner to your site, I log into your site / apps and map it for you, when you are happy you then remove me as an owner. 

It is always easier to do it correctly the first time than try and unravel errors in mapping the site.

I am a google sites top contributor so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. Contact me

Good luck people!
Loves x


  1. Thanks a lot for the post. I was basically stuck with domain verification, now I'm through! :D yay!

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  3. can i redirect my google sites to the same address ( & then have my team members create their own within their accounts using the same link? this is what i am trying to accomplish:
    and so forth...

  4. It's possible to host a website in google drive using a custom domain:

  5. Hey, my site is redirected: ... but when I click on a logo of my site, it still goes to . ..... why is that? how can I avoid it? thanks

  6. They use third party services or firewall alternatives or various DNS techniques to block access to such sites. Using Gmail in China

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