Friday, 15 June 2012

What Do You Want To See Here ....

So guys, what feature would you most like for your website? Let me know nd if there are any fetures I can post on I will, all down to you! I look forward to hearing from you my little google sites monsters x


  1. Any way of making a paid membership program on Google Sites? I'd like to see that.

  2. what about the possibility to set fixed icos on the sites'side?

  3. thanks for your comments, do you mean you would like people to pay to view your site @Abdul Qoyyuum Haji Abdul Kadir?

    as for set fixed icos on the sites'side @phone2cuba whato does that mean, can you provide an example?

    Beckystar :)

  4. incorporating paypal or other checkout, thanks for the great site and effort for sites!